Hire A Musician

Even to those of us who have always cherished the arts, the pandemic has demonstrated the vital importance and value of arts of all kinds. Music above all else has proven its essential importance, able to reflect the full breadth of human experience during a year that has traversed the extremes of human emotions, from sorrow to joy.

The future of classical music depends on a thriving population of passionate and accomplished musicians, but Classical Movements believes that individual musicians – who have lost performance opportunities and more often than not, their income – have been overlooked in efforts to sustain the industry through this trying period.

In an effort to fill this gap and in solidarity with the pronounced effect of the pandemic on our choral and orchestral colleagues, Classical Movements plans a coordinated public service social media campaign to encourage organizations and individuals to engage classical musicians to perform at both virtual and in-person functions, as a way of supporting the industry while large-scale concert performances remain impossible.

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