Live Concerts

While COVID-19 forced orchestras and major performing arts groups to abruptly cancel their seasons, disrupting the livelihoods of professional musicians around the country, we have provided an opportunity for professional musicians to once again play for live, socially-distanced audiences.

Live musicians – including instrumentalists from major local orchestras, including the National Symphony, Alexandria Symphony, Fairfax Symphony and the New Orchestra of Washington, rising stars of opera and jazz, as well as a choir of 12 professional singers from major institutions including the National Cathedral and Basilica of the National Shrine – have eagerly participated and been paid an honorarium for their performances.

Concert programs have been carefully curated to be engaging and representative, with a particular emphasis on showcasing Black and women composers across the season.

Despite the high cost, this has been a meaningful gesture of solidarity with the music community and a demonstration of how live music might return. As described in The Washington Post, “the baby steps of Saturday’s gathering in the garden felt like a giant leap.”

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Youth Tickets for Alexandria Concerts

As the pandemic continues to force children into isolation, with terrible psychological repercussions, they have also been deprived of any opportunities to experience the power, illumination and comfort of classical music.

Help Classical Movements use our concert series to help children discover live music, more important than ever:

• Sponsor Special Programs for Young Audiences
o By subsidizing the cost of tickets, as well as musician fees and production costs, children will be able to access the uniquely enriching experience of live classical music performance in a safe and unforgettable environment.
o Classical Movements will work with local music education programs, schools and other organizations to bring 80-100 students to dedicated performances – with a particular focus on reaching children with limited access and opportunities

• Sponsor Student Tickets to Main Series
• Subsidize discounted tickets for middle and high school students to attend regular programs in the 2021 season.
• 2-6 tickets can be offered per program at a discounted price, allowing young people to experience the inspiring musicianship of both local and visiting musicians.

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