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Musical Movements for Change supports projects produced by Classical Movements, the industry-leading concert tour company for orchestras and choirs. For 28 years, Classical Movements has been committed to cultural diplomacy and to using music to bring people together across boundaries of culture, borders and politics.

Since 2020, Classical Movements has persevered despite a total loss of profit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, introducing a series of innovative new projects and reimagining flagship programs for the challenges of the COVID-19 era. With the support of our generous sponsors, MMC and Classical Movements presented 83 live concerts, hiring more than 200 professional musicians for the Sounds of Hope & Harmony concert series. The Prague Summer Nights Washington D.C. Residency provided 15 singers, coaching and conducting apprentices and invaluable educational experience – and their first opportunity to perform for a live audience in 15 months.

Current Projects

Opportunities to support projects planned for 2021 and 2022 include:

Fundraising Concert for Valeria Serrano

Alexandria, VA

August 24, 2021

To support a talented violist and NSO Fellowship Student Valeria Serrano – who escaped Venezuela as a political refugee – eight NSO musicians came together together for a fundraising concert to raise money for her tuition and education expenses.

Afghanistan: A Conversation & Fundraiser

Alexandria, VA

September 29, 2021

Musicians and journalists from Afghanistan, newly arrived to the USA in August 2021, describe their alternately inspiring and harrowing experiences. Many musicians and their families are in hiding in Afghanistan. Those that have been given refuge in the United States are in need of support.

Savory Soiree: Japanese Garden Gala

Alexandria, VA

October 22, 2021

Classical Movements and Japanese musicians from the National Symphony celebrate the art, culture, and cuisine of Japan, in a gala dinner and concert in support of concerts and artists in the Secret Garden. Also enjoy illuminating demonstrations of ikebana, koto, origami and calligraphy.

The Sounds of Hope & Harmony Concert Series

Alexandria, VA

Sept 2021-June 2022

World-class artists, special educational performances and ticket programs for veterans, disabled people, and children – plus special programs

Serenade! Washington, DC Choral Festival

DC, Maryland, Virginia

June 29-July 4, 2022

Bring unique, underprivileged international children’s choruses to the greater DC area to share their traditions and experiences through collaborative performances and musical exchanges

Serenade for Strings Chamber Music Festival

Alexandria, VA

July 19-30 2022

A two-week chamber festival at the Rectory, inviting 6-8 ensembles of local and visiting artists for stellar concerts and educational programs

Prague Summer Nights Young Artists Music Festival

Czech Republic

June 20-July 18, 2022

MMC would like to distribute $150,000 scholarship and to introduce programs especially targeted towards improving diversity onstage, in the pit and behind the scenes at our full 4-week opera and orchestra program.

Prague Summer Nights Washington, DC Residency

Alexandria, VA

May 28-June 5, 2022

A unique, rewarding educational experience for singers, instrumentalists, coaching, conducting, stage directing and arts administrative apprentices: intensive opera production, plus individual instruction from high-level faculty and directors of major cultural institutions

Ihlombe! South African Choral Festival

South Africa

July 15-22, 2022

Help student and underprivileged ensembles experience the vibrant and diverse choral culture of South Africa, through concerts, outreach and exchanges

Past Projects

Live Concerts during COVID

While COVID-19 forced orchestras and major performing arts groups to abruptly cancel their seasons, disrupting the livelihoods of professional musicians around the country, we have provided an opportunity for professional musicians to once again play for live, socially-distanced audiences.

Youth Tickets for Concerts

As the pandemic continues to force children into isolation, with terrible psychological repercussions, they have also been deprived of any opportunities to experience the power, illumination and comfort of classical music.

Hire a Musician Campaign

Even to those of us who have always cherished the arts, the pandemic has demonstrated the vital importance and value of arts of all kinds. Music above all else has proven its essential importance, able to reflect the full breadth of human experience during a year that has traversed the extremes of human emotions, from sorrow to joy.

Other Cultural Exchanges

Over decades of planning international concert tours for American and international orchestras and choirs, MMC Directors have developed and advocated for a model of touring that emphasizes immersive and highly impactful exchanges with local musicians and communities in 145 countries on six continents, with a particular focus on serving underprivileged communities in destinations around the world that have been historically overlooked by touring ensembles.

Prague Summer Nights

MMC will connect deserving applicants with potential scholarship to the Prague Summer Nights Young Artists Music Festival, with a particular goal being to improve access to prestigious training to young people of color for singers, instrumentalists, stage directors, assistant conductors and arts administrators.

International Choral Festivals

Classical Movements produces two international choral festivals that bring together musicians and cultures from around the world.

The Inauguration Fanfares

MMC supports projects produced by Classical Movements, the industry-leading concert tour company for orchestras and choirs. For 28 years, Classical Movements has been committed to cultural diplomacy and to using music to bring people together across boundaries of culture, borders and politics.

Hope & Harmony Ensemble

After forming the Hope & Harmony Ensemble for the Inauguration Fanfares, in honor of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Classical Movements believes the Ensemble will remain an important and relevant musical force, at a time when the very words “Hope” and “Harmony” have such power. Classical Movements plans to present future instrumental performances – both virtual and in-person – to honor other occasions of national and international significance.

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