The Hope and Harmony Ensemble

After forming the Hope & Harmony Ensemble for the Inauguration Fanfares, in honor of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Classical Movements believes the Ensemble will remain an important and relevant musical force, at a time when the very words “Hope” and “Harmony” have such power. Classical Movements plans to present future instrumental performances – both virtual and in-person – to honor other occasions of national and international significance.

The Ensemble will be flexible in terms of size and personnel and will continue to feature accomplished musicians from top orchestras around the United States and internationally. It will remain essential that the Ensemble be representative of diversity within the music community and showcase the work of women, people of color and musicians from a variety of backgrounds as performers as well as composers.

Your gift can facilitate future performances by covering the costs of musician compensation, video and audio production costs, music licensing, travel and accommodation for in-person performances and other expenses.

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