Musical Movements for Change

Transforming lives. Bringing people and cultures together through Music, Touring and Collaboration.

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Our Mission

To bring people from different cultures together to use music to change the world by:

  • funding scholarships to participate in educational programs and live performances for promising young people from the United States and internationally, who may not otherwise have access, especially young people of color;
  • funding choirs and orchestras from around the world – especially from underrepresented cultures and financially deprived individuals – who wish to participate in festivals, concerts and workshops;
  • funding cultural diplomacy programs for orchestras and choirs as they travel the world;
  • creating a series of safe, live performance opportunities during challenging times, such as COVID-19, engaging a diverse roster of professional musicians across a wide range of genres

Our People

Musical Movements for Change’s Board of Directors have a collective history of over 150 years of high-profile, international cultural projects. Directors come from India, South Africa and the United States and have had significant careers in the arts, travel, education and finance in 145 countries around the world. All share a deep passion for classical music and travel – and for the power of using music to bring together people across social, cultural and geographic boundaries.

Board of Directors

  • Anne Carlucci
  • Sara Casar, Treasurer
  • Norma Dugger
  • Carolyn Fuller
  • Neeta Helms
  • Mitchell Hertz
  • John Nardolillo, President
  • George White
  • Patricia White
  • Johan van Zyl


  • John Nardolillo, President
  • Sara Casar, Treasurer